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In The Media – MarMoo Features in Urban Coco

by Amanda Cope on 16 November 2014

– The following article was published in Urban Coco (October 2014)

Tell us the story behind the brand

MarMoo has been designing and creating beautiful hand finished jewellery since 2011.

Based in Wiltshire, MarMoo uses only locally sourced materials and UK suppliers to ensure that all of their pieces are of the highest quality. Their ability to incorporate a mix of materials, including silver, gemstones, wood, glass, acrylic, 9 carat gold, paper and clay, ensures that their custom designed pieces are unique and highly sought after.

Each tiny work of art is brought to life through a mutual love of design and craftsmanship by husband and wife team, Mandie and Graham Cope. They design and create each pattern, guaranteeing the individuality of each piece through their hand finishing process. This attention to detail ensures that their customers can appreciate the labour of love behind each one.

Mandie and Graham’s biggest desire is that their art will bring a smile to people’s faces. It is this passion for creativity and innovation that has seen MarMoo go from strength to strength since its inception. Always looking for new ways to express their creativity, MarMoo are committed to developing new techniques and dreaming up new designs.

With their work now available in shops, galleries and museums throughout the UK and mainland Europe they are now able to showcase their talents beyond their humble beginnings in Wiltshire.

Below is the story which many customers have received when they have purchased one of our hand decorated items:

The Creative Spirit

Twelve years ago Mandie and Graham met on the Isle of Wight soon they fell in love with not only each other but with producing beautiful art. Many an afternoon you could find the two sitting by the sea or in the woods painting and discussing new ideas. Mandie would often make pieces and go to Graham for his creative input who would add the creative twist to finish it. With support of family and friends they decided it was time to share these lovely handmade or hand finished items that you can purchase today. This is a labour of love in the truest form.”

I have always been creative, always drawing painting or making. Ever since I was a small girl I dreamed of being an artist, it is all I ever wanted. Making things and making people smile is what gives me happiness.

What has been your biggest success since launching the business?

My biggest success has been my bird designs, when I first starting making the birds 3 years ago I had no idea how much people would love them. I didn’t start off designing the birds and creatures myself, instead I purchased shapes and then decorated them with papers and adding my own final details like the beaks, eyes, tails, and holes to the shapes to make them into jewellery. In 2012 I started designing the birds and other creatures as I couldn’t always find the sizes and shapes I wanted to create.

In 2013 Graham and I took it to the next level we started designing the prints and applying them ourselves. Now we design the shapes, prints and produce the finished product. I still hand decorate each one as there is no other method to finish them.

Is there anything you would do differently?

No as I see that all the mistakes I have made have helped me to be what I am today which is happy with what I create.

How do you feel your brand differs from others on the market?

MarMoo is designed with one intention and that is to provoke a smile. The customer I hope is given a sense of something truly loved in the process of making these tiny works of art. They are designed by me and recently my husband Graham has been adding his creative talent to the design of the patterns.

What is your most popular item that you sell?

Birds are very popular and I will be surprised if that every changes as they are constantly loved for their beauty.

What can we expect to see from you in the rest of 2014?

As Graham and I are always chatting about where we want to take our creative work, we are looking at more equipment to further develop new techniques that I have been dreaming up. I usually experiment until I achieve something I like the look of.

What advice would you offer to other people thinking about launching their own business?

Trust yourself and listen to people around you. Listen to the feedback you receive, both good and bad as it is important to know what people like about your work and what you can improve.

Where can people find out more?

MarMoo is sold throughout the UK in galleries, museums and shops. On the MarMoo website is a Google map listing all the locations. You can find MarMoo on Etsy too.

Amanda CopeIn The Media – MarMoo Features in Urban Coco

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