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The MarMoo Profile

by Amanda Cope on 17 July 2014

Based in Wiltshire, MarMoo use only locally sourced materials and UK suppliers to ensure that all of their pieces are of the highest quality. Their ability to incorporate a mix of materials, including silver, gemstones, wood, glass, acrylic, paper and clay, ensures that their custom designed pieces are unique and highly sought after.

Each tiny work of art is brought to life through a mutual love of design and craftsmanship by husband and wife team, Mandie and Graham Cope. They design and create each pattern, guaranteeing the individuality of each piece through their hand finishing process. This attention to detail ensures that their customers can appreciate the labour of love behind each one.

Mandie and Graham’s biggest desire is that their art will bring a smile to people’s faces. It is this passion for creativity and innovation that has seen MarMoo go from strength to strength since its inception. Always looking for new ways to express their creativity, MarMoo are committed to developing new techniques and dreaming up new designs.

With their work now available in shops, galleries and museums throughout the UK and mainland Europe they are now able to showcase their talents beyond their humble beginnings in Wiltshire.

Amanda CopeThe MarMoo Profile

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